Call for papers:   We are organizing a workshop EV-Sys, which is held in conjunction of ACM e-Energy

EV-Sys focuses on the system interoperations, real-world data analysis, and practical application prototypes for electric vehicles (including electric cars, electric bikes, electric drones). Check out the CFP

 Software Release:   We are releasing a smartphone app for vehicle data analytics. Download at Google play

 New Papers

"A Participatory Sensing Approach for Personalized Distance-to-empty Prediction and Green Telematics",
    to appear in ACM e-Energy 2015

"CloudThink: A Scalable Secure Platform for Mirroring Transportation Systems in the Cloud",
    to appear in Transport, Special Issue in Smart and Sustainable Transport, Volume 30, Issue 3, 2015.


We are looking for PhD/MSc students. Apply now



At STEVAS Research Lab of Masdar Institute, we conduct extensive R&D projects related to electric vehicles, smart automotive systems and intelligent transportation systems. We are a part of CloudThink (a multi-institute consortium).

We are creating a spin-off project -- VehiSys.


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Sid Chi-Kin Chau


Abdullah Al Heyari

Research Engineer

Mukesh Jha

Research Engineer

Chien-Ming Tseng

PhD Student

Mohammad Al Hashmi

PhD Student



We are equipped with specialized laboratory facilities, enabling hands-on systems integration research on the state-of-the-art electric vehicles and automotive systems.



VehiSys -- a spin-off project to provide innovative solutions for synthesizing and analyzing vehicle data to yield valuable insights of driving behavior, vehicle status and mobility pattern.



Email: ckchau(at)

Address: B.2.2., Masdar Institute, Masdar City, PO Box 54224, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: +971-810-9333